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All of our learning experiences are open to parents and caregivers of children ages 0-5 years (unless otherwise specified). Learning experiences are hands on, fun and interactive!  We believe in a strength based approach to learning where everyone is a valued member of the learning experience.  Workshops occur at different times during the year.  Register today and check back often! We also conduct classes for Mom's groups for a nominal fee.

All classes are held at the We PLAY Center located at

Corpus Christi Community Center - 2022 St Bernard Ave

Co-Parenting Workshops:

Make it Better or Keep it Bitter


Parents continue to have a relationship after divorce or a break-up and must decide what this new relationship will be like. This is called re-alignment of the relationship. This workshop will assist you with learning strategies for “realignment” and moving towards a co-parenting relationship with your child’s other parent.

Geared for parents of children of all ages

6:00-8:00 pm             $30.00

Dates :   June 25, July 23, Aug 27

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A young child's first few years are so important!  During these 3 workshops you will learn about ages and stages of development and your child's growing brain, how to a build strong bond with your child and use effective discipline that young children can understand, and learn how to best prepare them for school success! Attend one or all three! 

(Separate registration for each class required)

Classes held at the We PLAY Center at Corpus Christi Community Center

Sessions are FREE and made possible by sponsorship with Healthy Blue Louisiana

Space are limited - register below!


Encouraging Positive Behavior

Children learn from what you do more than from what you say. It is important for parents to model the positive behavior we want to see children display. This class will help you to help your child learn to behave in positive ways while encouraging problem solving skills, creative-thinking skills and appropriate ways to handle their emotions.

Geared for parents of children age birth to five.

March 26, 2018         10:30-12:00 am                  

thanks to funding from the GPOA Foundation