Parenting Educator (Brain Builder) -  Part-Time (Internships also available)

TrainingGrounds is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located inside the Sojourner Truth Neighborhood Center in New Orleans.  Our mission is to increase early childhood outcomes by providing rich learning opportunities for children, parents, caregivers and educators.  

To fulfill this mission, TrainingGrounds operates the We PLAY Center. A free playspace for caregivers and children who currently do not have access to quality early childhood learning centers or experiences. The Center provides low to middle-income families with children from birth to age three with a nurturing and supportive learning environment. During play sessions, parent educators model appropriate adult/child interactions for parents and facilitate learning opportunities for children that stimulate brain development and foster social emotional, language, cognitive and school readiness skills. Through the We PLAY Center, caregivers and children both develop competence and confidence that contribute to the child's success in school and beyond.

JOB DESCRIPTION: This is an entry level part-time paid position.  This position is responsible for modeling appropriate adult-child interactions, facilitating learning opportunities for children birth to three to develop children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development and providing caregivers with information regarding ages and stages of child development. This position is primarily based at the We PLAY Center, but is required to travel within the service area on occasion. This position is responsible to the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer.

Major Duties and Responsibilities  

  • Assist with set-up and maintenance of the We PLAY Center

  • Assist with outreach initiatives to promote TrainingGrounds and the We PLAY Center

  • Develop and maintain a system to record services provided to children and families to aid in the further development of the child and to serve as anecdotal documentation

  • Attend parent learning opportunities (parent workshops), present relevant information on child development, language, motor and/or social skills

  • Deliver research-based materials to parents regarding child development and related issues  

  • Work with parents and teachers to determine needs for future parent education sessions  

  • Model appropriate verbal interactions, communication techniques, and discipline techniques with children  

  • Support and enhance maintenance of a parent resource display  

  • Assist in reviewing and evaluating results of parent and teacher surveys  

  • Create and maintain accurate and complete records of all information collected

  • Performs other duties as assigned by the agency directors

Education and Experience Required   

  • Experience working in an education, social services, or family literacy setting, ideally with families of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds skills  

  • An appropriate level of knowledge about what promotes optimal parent-child interaction and infant, toddler, and child development; understanding of the cooperative preschool model  

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills, strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and ability to use time and resources effectively to meet job requirements  

  • Ability to develop trusting relationships with parents/teachers, maintain appropriate professional boundaries, protect privacy and confidentiality, and to be respectful in verbal and written communication to and about teachers, parents, and children  

  • Familiarity with the community and community support agencies in order to coordinate services with other programs that offer services to families  

  • Ability to be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of various types of families, showing cultural competency and mindfulness of individual, cultural, and ethnic differences  

  • Willingness to work a varied schedule

  • Ability to treat people in a caring and respectful fashion and maintain emotional control in stressful situations

  • Flexibility to work in developing the Parent Education program, as this is a new position with the likelihood to change and grow over the course of each year


  • Associates Degree required/Bachelor’s degree preferred in social work, education, psychology or similar field.

  • Must have strong skills in the following: verbal/written communication, computer applications (ex. Microsoft Office),

  • Work with diverse families in an unbiased and just manner

  • Communicate ideas and information clearly and completely to small and large groups

  • Time management, organization, recordkeeping, and teamwork.

  • Must be strongly interested in a career in parenting education or infant/toddler development.

  • Must be able to sit, stand, walk, reach, bend and lift up to 40 pounds.

  • Have reliable transportation.


Part Time: 10-15 hour per week

Application Deadline:  Ongoing

Start Date: Immediately

Length of Engagement: Spring, Summer and Fall Semester placements

Compensation: Unpaid; College Credit


To Apply:

To apply, please submit the following items to

  1. Your resume

  2. A cover letter explaining why you are interested in the Brain Builder Position with TrainingGrounds, what skills you would bring, and why you would be a great member of the team!

  3. Provide the names and contact information of two references.