Executive Functioning Skills: Focus and Self Control, Communication, and Perspective Taking  

Executive functions skills allow individuals to utilize their cognitive abilities to control their thoughts, emotions and actions. Such skills support success in school, contribute to healthy relationships and allow for overall social-emotional growth. It is during the preschool years that these cognitive and emotion regulation skills are introduced, learned and developed. Research has shown that a child's ability to use executive function is a strong indicator of success in both school and life

This workshop will explore what executive function skills are, discuss how these skills are crucial for learning and development, and explore ways adults can foster them in the children they teach.  The essential skills of focus and self control, communication, and perspective taking will also be explored in depth through discussion, video observations, and small group discussion.  The workshop will provide strategies for nurturing theses essential  skills using games, books, and fun activities and examine how students varying ability to focus, demonstrate self control, communicate and take another perspective contribute to the classroom environment.